Halwell & Moreleigh Community

The villages of Halwell & Moreleigh form a single parish. They are both small villages and are ½ mile from each other. They are located within the South Hams District Council area, in Devon, South West England.
Halwell & Moreleigh are 5 miles (8.0 km) south of Totnes, 6 miles (11 km) west of Dartmouth and 5 miles north of Kingsbridge.

Both the villages of Halwell & Moreleigh form a most pleasant parish set in some of the most outstanding countryside with around 650 residents.
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Updated 20th November 2014

Read about Children at Risk at the village hall playing field...see under ‘Hall Update page.

The ‘Self Help Parish Emergency Plan’ is available under the main Parish Council page drop down menu

Photos of Village Sports Day & Dog Show are now on the 2013 Gallery

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EMERGENCY Management helping You To Help Yourselves Click her information

Little Stars - Baby & Toddlers Morning, click here to see page

140 Years Luscombe Maye Celebration - Tree Planting at the villages Playing Field photos are now on the Gallery

Villages Easter Egg Hunt - photos are now on the Gallery

Church Services updated for October now on site

WI Latest News - Click Here to read

Villages Show & Fete images now on the 2014 Gallery

Villages Christmas evening meal - first details out now but more very soon. - Click Here for details

There have been a series of dwelling burglaries, 2 reported in Chillington and one in Stokenham. It is believed that they were committed around 4-5 October. The method is the same. Overall, there have been 20 or so in Devon with the latest being reported in Sidmouth. The houses being targeted were unoccupied at the time. The occupants were on holiday. Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious to Police on 101 or 999 if happening there and then. These crimes are obviously very rare in these parts and hopefully, the Offender(s) have now moved on!!!! If you need any further clarification, please let me know……Jane GERRARD PC 16049

Please note that future Parish Council Meetings will now be held on the Third Wednesday of the month starting at 7.15pm

A few images from the ‘Casino Night’ Oct 25th…go to the 2014 Gallery

Faster Broadband just might be coming soon to the Parish and would you like to learn a bit more about up to date technology + show your interest then….Click Here to go to our web page a learn a little more. (SEE BELOW)

Signed Off Minutes from Parish Council Meeting in October 2014 have now been published on the PC page

Village Draw Winners for November see under Social & Fundraising
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